Exploring untapped opportunities


With increasing sensitivity on health & safety, social and environmental compliance transparency and traceability come in focus for a growing number companies in Bangladesh. all photos ©yh-f

by Yvonne Heinen-Foudeh


Europe is the largest export destination of Bangladesh. For apparel, 60% of total exports (at an expected record value of around 26.7 bn € in 2023) go to EU-countries. However, there are a lot of business opportunities still remained untapped between Bangladesh and Europe. To explore those, to open doors for Europe to the best of what Bangladesh’s industry has to offer the “Made in Bangladesh” event will step-up beginning of September.

Mostafiz Uddin founded and leads the Bangladesh Apparel Exchange to promote sustainable practices within the Bangladesh apparel industry and to raise the country’s image through a bundle of initiatives.

“Exhibiting companies will showcase their sustainable and innovative products as part of the event” informs the organizer Bangladesh Apparel Exchange (BAE) in the accompanying communication. The growth potential of Bangladesh’s industries should leverage the demonstration of innovative capabilities in production as well as today’s focus on traceability and transparency – “making Bangladesh one of the world’s most responsible sourcing destinations”. Mostafiz Uddin, BAE founder and CEO summarizing the Best of Bangladesh concept: “Most importantly the event will present the strides Bangladesh has made in safe, sustainable and ethical manufacturing.s”

The combination of exhibition and communication sessions for the first-ever European showcase by the nation’s apparel sector also follows BAE’s declared goal to portray a more positive narrative of Bangladesh and change perceptions in Europe. Seven interactive panel sessions will address essential topics. Among them:

  • Bangladesh – Perspectives from an emerging economy
  • The future: Advancing safety & well-being for garment workers in
  • Impact investing: the New Frontier
  • Sustainable Synergy: Circular Economy, Climate Action & Bangladesh’s Future –
  • Digitization and Digital Economy in Bangladesh

First ever European showcase

Best of Bangladesh shall open doors to international buyers, business partners, politicians, representatives of culture and media and the local community.  And – it will be much more than an exhibition, but offer an experience what the Bangladeshi industries could offer to Europe. In addition to making business connections, the visitors will be also able to enjoy the Bangla culture as embodied by its music, dance and art.’’

Best of …

“Best of  Bangladesh”, Amsterdam, will be held on 4th & 5th September 2023 at the Gashouder, Westergas, located in the heart of the city. The first ever “Made in Bangladesh” show in Europe besides the exhibition for best offerings will organize panel sessions  and cultural experience to its visitors.

A total of 40 Bangladeshi companies will display apparel, both textile and leather goods, handicrafted and agro products as well as pharmaceuticals, introduce what the countries industry has to offer in sectors such as light & digital engineering. Probably of particular interest to local visitors to the international event: also bicycle manufacturers from the emerging South Asian country will be exhibiting – the Netherlands being the No. 1 bicycle nation throughout Europe.