Ausgabe Februar 2024


15. Februar 2024

KERO DESIGN, Peru Keros are Tiahuanaco ceremonial vessels that fascinated designer Mariella Gonzales as a child when she spend time with her grandfather. In this way she discovered much of what Peru has to offer: […]

Ausgabe November 2023

Textile tradition meets Hightech

14. November 2023

The Slovenian brand Petja Zorec meets the demands of everyday life, combining supposed contradictions and leaving gender-specific peculiarities and preconceived ideas aside. Designer Zorec combines traditional textile techniques with high-tech, often sporty materials that allow […]

Ausgabe November 2023

„Rights must be fought for and defended!“

14. November 2023

Interview with activist Tharaka Sriram Tharaka Sriram, currently at home in Offenbach, has found the Ocean Education initiative in 2015 – where she inspires people for Marine Protected Areas. She is also the Blue Parks […]

Ausgabe August 2023

Support for more diversity

14. August 2023

With the growing demand for more equality and justice, diversity is a big topic in social media. In the meantime, users are not only concerned with conveying their personal standing and solidarity, but also with […]

Ausgabe Mai 2023

‚Menswear for Womenswear‘

14. Mai 2023

With her self named brand, the founder and designer Laura Pitharas creates uniquely luxurious womenswear in a sustainable manner. Her collections offer a unique mixture of excellent design craftsmanship and a tribute to the beauty […]

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